What To Look Out For In A Business Intelligence Tool

Business Intelligence Tool

Adding intelligence to your smart business planning and marketing strategies can see your business yield better results. Intelligence business tools are advanced tools that help businesses to democratize data to better understand how the past has been to assist in accurate forecast and planning. We have countless tools that are termed as intelligent so before you make that decision to settle for any of them, you should have an insight into certain things.

Modeling Approach

Check out the technique and metrics the BI tool utilizes in modeling.  Some tools rely on visualizations while others use a full stack to carry out data modeling.  Decide whether you want a tool that requires manual control or does the job automatically by itself.  Don’t rush your selection decision unless you want to live in regrets.

Business Intelligence Tool


BI tools offer user safety in two options which include role-based user safety, and user-based security.  No matter the kind of security your system employs, you have to make sure you are selecting a system that maximizes on user safety. It should be a high-end software solution that doesn’t expose user data to third-parties as this may prove very dangerous to your organization.

Timely Accessibility

The BI tool you select should be flexible and versatile when it comes to data presentation.  It should offer data visualization options which can be easily accessed via mobile devices. It should be smart enough to let you access the data quite easily and efficiently while using small screens like your smartphone and tablet.  In other words, the Business intelligence tools you opt for should be mobile-friendly and easy to run if you are to have the best user experience using it.

Kind of Training

You obviously wouldn’t want to settle for a software solution that would take your employees months to learn and master. Of course, different systems have different user interfaces some which are more technical to familiarize with compared to others.  For best results, look out for intelligence tools that don’t require weeks or months of training.  You can easily tell how long it will take to learn and master certain systems by checking the technicality of the user interface. Systems with the most technical user interfaces will take you long to learn and understand so consider opting for those with simple user interfaces.


When in the search of business intelligence tools, don’t forget to check the functionality. The best systems will be fully functional and efficient. They will be naturally easy to learn and implement. You can tell if a software solution is ideal for your business by comparing the kind of jobs it executes with the ones you already have in your organization.


 It doesn’t require rocket science to understand the way business intelligence systems work. These are complex in performance but simple in design systems that promise to get the work done quickly and efficiently. There are so many of these systems the reason we have given you an outline of the key things to consider when choosing. Keep the mentioned factors in mind for you to have an easy time picking the best system for your business.

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