BBM Applications on Android; what’s next?

BBM Applications on Android

Blackberry Messenger on Android will be the first, innovative and professional Android application development as this application was merely for Blackberry users. Some doubt that it can take place but many Android lovers welcome this news and expect it to be applied sooner.

BBM Applications on Android

The Research in Motion. Instead, stated that the news is still unannounced and there is no precise statement whether BBM will be applicable for both iOS and Android at the end of June 2013.BBM was becoming a very popular application that Blackberry users really count on. Not only teenagers love this app, but businessmen find this as an easy-to-use application to promote their business in forms of both goods and services.

Previously, BBM was using the BlackBerry platform and messages were only delivered between those who use handsets. Yet, BBM was easily replaced by some other applications that Blackberry, Android and iOS offer like Viber, WeChat, Line and WhatsApp. It seems that BBM wish to be known as very versatile instant chat app like its competitors. Based on recent researches, WeChat and WhatsApp users have reached for more hundreds of millions of people for each application.

Many iOS and Android users have been waiting for the real application when BBM is really applicable on both operating systems. Though actually, they can already use Line or Kakapo talk for sharing pictures and voice notes. Yet, the main highlight of Blackberry Messenger is its ability for creating for more than thirty people and its multi-person chat feature.

What Does the Official Blackberry Say? Research in Motion—as the official BlackBerry manufacturer—has been very proud in introducing BBM as a great application where users have high level of both privacy and control in terms of adding their lists of contact and how they can choose desired contacts through email, PIN, SMS, as well as QR code scan. This will be a great breeze when it becomes a professional Android application development as the numbers of Android users are higher as compared to those who use BlackBerry devices.

Yet, people who usually use Android really expect this in becoming a reality because they consider that Android has more interesting features than BlackBerry devices. What else does BlackBerry boast on, other than BlackBerry Messenger? The main reason why people buy BlackBerry is because of its BBM, instead of its other applications. This is because Blackberry has no special app which can rival other apps of iOS and Android.

Rumors stated that BBM has lower users these days because of the existence of WhatsApp, Line and other instant messaging services. While Android and iOS users can also use YM or Talk for faster communication, they still prefer to use BBM, just in case the app is able to be accessed through their devices. Yet, a source from RIM stated that the usage of BlackBerry Messenger remains active and it has more than sixty millions of users who use this app daily.

So, are you BlackBerry Messenger freaks and you are bored with your BlackBerry devices? Then you will expect to have Android devicBBM Applications on Android; what’s next?

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